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Monday, June 29, 2009

Review on HOBBYWING eZRun 80A-SD Electric Brushless Speed Controller (1/8)

Swanghobby.com reviews on HOBBYWING eZRun 80A-SD Electric Brushless Speed Controller (1/8).

This ESC is a very nice product. High quality, powerfull, and durable. The acceleration is amacing, but the braking power is not as powerfull as i am used too. I ordered 2 of these, and boths orders were shipped after a week, and I recieved both after another week. Swang hobby is selling this ESC to the absolutly lowest price on the web, and the shipping is included. Thank you SWANG HOBBY.

you can buy this HOBBYWING eZRun 80A-SD Electric Brushless Speed Controller (1/8) at Remote Control Model Free Shipping Shop




Compatible with all sensorless brushless motors and most of sensored brushless motors such as Novak,

LRP and Feigao, etc


Excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features


3 running modes (Forward only with brake, Forward/Reverse with brake, Forward/Reverse immediately)


4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment


Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag-brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment


9 start modes (Also called “Punch”) from “very soft (Level 1)” to “very aggressive (Level 9)


Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor blocked protection


8 steps of timing adjustment by software


Built-in switch mode BEC has a powerful output to supply all the electronic equipments


Easily program with only one button and compatible with pocket-sized Program Card.


Firmware can be updated through an USB adapter (Optional equipment).


Splash proof and dustproof


- Continuous Current:


- Burst Current:


- Suitable Motor:

Sensorless and sensored brushless motors


8T and > 8T

- Suitable Scale:

1/8 on-road or off-road cars / trucks for sportful race and RTR application

- Input Voltage:

6-12 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-4 cells Li



lymer Battery

- BEC Output:

5.75V/3A (Switch mode built-in BEC)


Resistance: 0.0018Ohm

- Dimensions:






- Net Weight:


(Without wires)

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