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Monday, June 29, 2009

Review on G.T. Power 3 Servos / ESC Consistency Master

Swanghobby.com reviews on G.T. Power 3 Servos / ESC Consistency Master.

Great Tool to check and compare servo performance. I find it very usefull to set neutral position at servo instalation process.

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In three modes to check Servos or ESC:


Manual mode – Turn the knob will different speed. Check the reaction time.


Neutral mode – Make the servo go back to the neutral point.


Automatic “window wiper” mode-make the servo swing like window wipers in the biggest angle.

It can connect 1 – 3 servos simultaneously and test such as 1- 3 servos consistency and so on.

It can also connect 1 – 3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively.

It can connect 3 servos of the CCPM helicopters and select servos.

It can also connect the servo of airplanes install the steering-box and adjust planes by using such as the neutral mode and so on.

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