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Monday, June 15, 2009

Copterx Helicopter

Copterx Helicopter
Many person asking me about the different between Align Trex and CopterX Helicopter.
There are loads of these advertised on Ebay saying that all Trex 450SE parts will fit! Here is a link to one on Ebay

Copterx is 100% compatiable to Align Trex Parts, The fact that Trex SE parts will fit on the CopterX does NOT mean that the CopterX is the same as a Trex. It just means the parts have the same dimensions, but it doesn't mean they're of the same quality; i.e. same metals, same manufacturing tolerances, etc. compared to Align parts. I'm not saying the CopterX isn't as good either since I don't know; just pointing out that "parts compatible" doesn't mean it's the same heli

Copterx NOT Equaly to Align Trex.
all the parts are compatible but they manufacture differently. Quality is different too Align as always is said to have better quality parts and Copter X is a low grade copy. I guess its up to the users to decide and dependent on their budget.

But, is it worth to buy a CopterX Helicopter?
One flyer answered:
ok guys, i have flown many trex se's, and after purchasing my copterx a month ago and doing some serious 3d with it, go for the copterx. As far as the quality of the aluminum, its the SAME QUALITY. I know these helis, and this is built well. The only thing that i have found to be cheaper on the copter x as of now, is the se has ball bearings on both sides of the feathering shaft, were as the copterx has brass bushings. A cheap fix that is recomended. I have had a few other trex pilots fly my copterx and overall impression is excelent. If you want to save some coin, go for the copterx, but please, get the se version. You will be kicking yourself in the but latter if you don't. AS far as setup, just go to a club and find some one help you assemble. A pro could through this thing together in about an hour. You will need to learn some time, so why not now? Overall, great heli. Don't go with the rtf version, comes with cheap servo's/gyro. Get a good digital tail servo, some nice hitecs for your swash, and a 401 as your gyro. Especially if your new, a good gyro with help you in your training.

Where to buy Copterx Helicopter

Copterx Helicopter

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