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Friday, June 19, 2009

Review on Chewing Gum Style Mini Camera

Swanghobby.com reviews on Chewing Gum Style Mini Camera.

I have the hi res version of this cam and it's not to bad not the greatest picture quality but quite suitable for shooting from your model. If you need a long record time you can power it throu the USB connector but not while conected to your computer. If you press the front button down it turnes into a WEBCAM but there are no drivers availble anywhere I could find. To make it easier to mount you can remove the clip from the back. Take off the 4 screws on the clip side and the clip is held on by 2 screws inside. note the cute tiny camera!

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This Spy Camera can be installed in Remote Controlled Airplane, Helicopter, Vehicle and boat. Also can be used for your Spy mission!


- Video: 352 x 288 CIF resolution

- Video Format: AVI

- Support System: Window 98/ME/2003/Vista/OS/Linux

- Working Time: record for 4 hours.

- 4 GB Internal Memory

- Battery: Built-in Lithium-Polymer Battery

- Charging Voltage: DC-5C (Charge by using a USB cable included)

- Weight: 17grams only

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