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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is CopterX 450 same as Align 450 Helicopter?

Many remote control toy fans email me about the copterx helicopter, especially for the copterx 450SE version, is it good? is it compatiable with Align 450SE?

I have started an investigation between CopterX 450 and Align 450 SE,

Where can I buy the Copterx Spare Parts?Go to Swanghobby.com , it is the free shipping site i ever found on the internet, but it is shipped from Hong Kong, China.See the linkhttp://www.swanghobby.com/copterx-450-v2-spare-parts-c-235.html

Also, for the CopterX Helicopter and other related CopterX Productgo there: http://www.swanghobby.com/copterx-m-14.html

CopterX is fully compatible with Align 450 parts. All the parts on the Copter X is compatible with the SE the Copter 450AE is no different from the 450SE and is compatible with the TREX450SE and SA. From the boom parts head, tail, belt. All parts are the same. Aluminum of CopterX 450AE is okay. But the material is too soft. For the carbon frame of CopterX 450SE is much better. If you want to land quickly, it will stand the hard landing.

Our Answer is CopterX Helicopter and Trex Align is 100% same...

It is because Trex Align is produced in China now, and the factory may sell the toolings (the frame, machine) to other reseller, therefore, you guy can enjoy a cheaper version of Align Trex.

"The V2 CopterX head is very nice, no slop as delivered and operates smoothly. I believe the ball links are steel, but I don't have any testing equipment. The swashplate bearing is not so good and develops slop quickly, but Align has the same problem; I switched to a Beam swashplate."

Finally, let's check the specification of CopterX SE 450


Feature of CopterX SE 450 Helicopter
- New CNC carbon frame improve the rigidity and perfect for 3D flying.
- Changing servo location to CCPM version, new aluminum parts for prompt, precision actions.
- SSG battery mounting plate connects to main frame. It makes the center of gravity closed to rotor blade, reduced the correction when the helicopter rotation rolling.
- Rigid CNC aluminum rotor head for precision and smooth movements.
- Using Ball and Hiller two systems mixing control. Through simple structure of Ball control system, power-saving of Hiller system and CCPM control, can simultaneously control 3 servos for AILE, EVLE, PIT 3 actions. This CCPM control system is great for 3D flying control and extending life cycle of servos.
- New streamlined tail rotor blades make the gyro more efficient.
- New tail rotor control set, CNC control piece and movable ball link for smooth pitch travel.
- Providing fly bar weight- When normal flying, you can add the weights on fly bar paddles for stable flight. When aerobatic flying, you don't need to add the weight, but you can see the flexibility of 3D actions.
- CNC Metal tail unit and tail holder are using high rigid aluminum, falling resistance.
- New gear ratio (4.24:1), suitable for the motor with higher KV, provides more safety.
- Use Aluminum alloy drive pulley and tail drive pulley, high rigid and wear resistance. It is efficient to reduce the rotation loss and makes smoother.
- All kit use stainless steel linkage ball, wear resistance, anti-oxidization.
- Tail rotor hub made of stainless steel, very rigid.
- Great stable and sensitive mixing lever design! Can display the great stability and precision for 3D flight.
- CX 450AE special adjustable pitch system, hold rotation system, tail rotor drive belt system! It is a work of great originality for helicopter.
- Length: 650mm
- Height: 230mm
- Main Rotor: 700mm
- Tail Rotor: 150mm
- Motor Gear: 13T/11T
- Main Gear: 150T
- Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
- Tail Drive Gear: 25T
- Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.5:4.24/1:13.6:4.24
- Weight(without power system): 354g
- Weight(including power system): 690g

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