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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Syma S107G 3Ch coaxial micro heli with gyro Review

Syma S107G 3Ch coaxial micro heli with gyro Review

I initially purchased one as a gift from hobbyhot. I test flew it and then wrapped it up as a gift. All went well. I wanted an additional tough 3Ch coaxial for my kids to fly so I purchased another Syma S107G from hobbyhot (inexpensive or free shipping). The helicopter is a little heavier than the Phoenix 6010 that I previously purchased but just as tough. In comparison, the Syma is heavier and a bit slower in forward flight. The Syma however handles the air from the airconditioner vent better. The Syma also has a more proportional tail control. So forward flying and turning is easer & more precise on the Syma. There is no shortage of places to get spare parts from and I had ordered a set of spare blades and rear prop from hobbyhot on a later spare parts order I made for my other helicopters. The S107G is a very popular 3Ch indoor heli currently and you will find no shortage of fans of this heli out there. Neither my kids nor I have yet to perminanty damage the helicopter (see TIPS below). But don't consider them indestructable. But for the price, they are a great addition to ANY experianced flyer to have to take a quick flight indoors, even in a small room. My S107G was a Revision 5 circuit board.

Here are som TIPS on the S107G
  • Charge using the USB cable. Light will be ON when unplugged or fully charged. It may be dimmly lit when charging. Note that the USB plug you plug it into needs to supply sufficient power or it will not work. Some PC USB hubs are NOT powered and you may need to plug directly into PC. I do however you find a USB plug in power supply to charge this helicopter. Charging takes 20-30 minutes depending on discharge of LiPo.
  • DO NOT keep flying once you loose the power to stay in a hover. You will wear down the LiPo faster this way. You may also elect to time your flight so you fly 30-60 seconds LESS than this point. That will prolong the LiPo life.
  • To reduce damage, you MUST lower your throttle upon or just before IMPACT with an object. This will help save the blades and motor gears. The helicopter can take a fall from 6' onto carpet better than it can grind it's blades into a wall or bedpost.
  • The closer you are to an object, the more that object pushes or pulls the helicopter because of the airflow across the blades. So landing on a 2 foot tall stack of books is harder than landing on a magazine on the floor.
  • If you are not going to fly the helicopter (for say a week), fully charge the helicopter, then fly for 3 minutes and then store the helicopter (powered off of course).
Power Up sequence
  1. Set Tx to channel A
  2. Lower throttle. Turn on Tx
  3. Turn on Helicopter and set down.
  4. There is an LED that will stop flashing under the canopy on the back left of the circuit board when it's initialized. This takes 5-10 seconds.
  5. Slowly raise throttle.

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