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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hobbywing XERun-120A ESC and Tacon 4300kv

I just installed this setup running 87/24 with a flysky 2.4 remote (dont worry motor temp isnt close to nuking) but my issue is with the setup itself..

Two things when I hit forward, I have to hit it twice for it to go, like forward and reverse are switched since u have to hit neutral first to engage reverse except its backwards. I hit the throttle twice to make it go.

The other issue is braking. when I hit brake it stops the truck, not like a drag brake, but power is killed and I cant get back on throttle until I hit it twice again which is annoying if ur trying to brake into a corner.

So far ive adjusted to it by practicing all day but I rather have the brake function.. My esc setup is set for forward/brake/reverse, no drag brake, no intial brake and reverse 100%. It seemed some feature on my remote is backward but if I switch it to REV mode it doesnt help, I lose reverse and the position of the throttle is switched. So then im thinking maybe switch the wires on the motor and it doesnt help. If I do that now left is right, right is left and i still have no reverse. I then switch the mode in the remote to REV and still no change... im stuck.


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