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Friday, July 3, 2009

The application of Li-Polymer Battery

A compelling advantage of Li-poly cells is that manufacturers can shape the battery almost however they please, which can be important to mobile phone manufacturers constantly working on smaller, thinner, and lighter phones.

3-Cell LiPo for RC-models

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Li-poly batteries are also gaining favor in the world of Radio-controlled aircraft as well as Radio-controlled cars, where the advantages of both lower weight and greatly increased run times can be sufficient justification for the price. Some airsoft gun owners have switched to LiPo batteries due to the above reasons and the increased rate of fire they provide. However, lithium polymer-specific chargers are required to avoid fire and explosion. Explosions can also occur if the battery is short-circuited, as tremendous current passes through the cell in an instant. Radio-control enthusiasts take special precautions to ensure their battery leads are properly connected and insulated. Furthermore fires can occur if the cell or pack is punctured. Radio-controlled car batteries are often protected by durable plastic cases to prevent puncture. Specially designed electronic motor speed controls are used to prevent excessive discharge and subsequent battery damage. This is achieved using a low voltage cutoff (LVC) setting that is adjusted to maintain cell voltage greater than (typically) 3 V per cell.

Li-poly batteries are also gaining ground in PDAs and laptop computers, such as Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Macbook Air, Amazon's Kindle, Lenovo's Thinkpad X300 and Ultrabay Batteries, the OQO series of palmtops, the HP Mini and Dell products featuring D-bay batteries. They can be found in small digital music devices such as iPods and other MP3 players as well as gaming equipment like Sony's Playstation 3 wireless controllers[2]. They are desirable in applications where small form factors and energy density outweigh cost considerations.

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