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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Review on SWANGHOBBY 3600Kv 5A Mini Brushless Motor

Review on SWANGHOBBY 3600Kv 5A Mini Brushless Motor

it is a nice motor for lama v4, co-comanche and other co-axial helicopter, whose weight does not exceed 230-250 grams. good quality, long shaft, no vibrations.
diameter of rotor - 18mm
height w/o shaft - 23mm
diameter of shaft - 1.98-2.00mm
length of front shaft - 10mm
this motors have only one bad thing - they do not have any aperture for ventilation.

you can buy this SWANGHOBBY 3600Kv 5A Mini Brushless Motor at http://www.swanghobby.com/

Mini Brushless Motor 3600kv 5A Current Weight: 17grams Kv: 3600 Shaft Diameter: 2mm Size: 17mm x 20mm Current: 5A Suggested Application for ESKY LAMA

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