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Thursday, May 28, 2009

APC Propeller - Where to buy APC Propeller?

Dear All, Swanghobby.com is now selling APC Propeller with FREE SHIPPING worldwide,
APC Propeller is a great manufacturer in the RC Industry.

We can divide the APC Propeller into 2 major categories and its sub-category

1. APC Electric Propeller
2. APC Nitro Propeller

While under the APC Electric Propeller Products, we can make some sub groups
Composite Propeller
Widen Composite Propeller
Slow Flyer Propeller
Carbon Propeller

Swanghobby.com is now offering the full range of APC Propeller.

What is the propeller parameter mean?
For example, a 11 x 8 propellers mean the lenght of the APC Propeller is 11 inch and the evolution is 8 inch.

APC Landing Products RC thin electric composite model airplane propeller is designed for use with electric RC airplanes. Includes locating rings in various sizes and instructions on adaptation procedures.

APC Landing Products electric model airplane propellers have enjoyed strong acceptance and growth since their introduction in 1989. They are especially popular in RC pattern flying and RC airplane racing events. The performance and low noise advantages are largely spawned by the precision methods APC - Landing Products uses to design and manufacture APC electric RC airplane propellers.

APC - Landing Products preserves a close rapport with the RC aircraft competition community to benefit from technical interchange so important to improved RC airplane propeller designs. There is continuous evolution in RC aircraft design and engine performance. Consequently, propeller design must continuously evolve as well to keep pace with these improving technologies.

Due to APC's excellent quality and consistent performance APC - Landing Products' RC airplane propellers are perfect for any electric RC application from park flyers to 3D aerobatics to scale RC aircraft.

Note: This RC airplane propeller is designed only for use with electric motors. Do not attempt to use this propeller with glo or gas powered engines.

For more APC propeller products, please visit www.swanghobby.com

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