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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Official Fly Sky FS-GT3B thread

It seems that there is a large number of FLYSKY gt3b threads spawning here and I thought it might be a good idea to focus that knowledge into one thread... Since i at the moment simply cannot be bothered to hotlink the lot of them into this opening post i am going to let that be up to someone else. 

Since i do have the gt3b thread on RCTech open in another tab at the moment i figured i would link that into this thread... 

Well so to start it all off... Over on RCT we're experimenting with different modifications, all pretty well detailed in that thread, and i have just ordered myself the hardware required to start tinkering with the source code, now i could do a full write up "how to" style if there's a market for it... I'll need some time to figure all the stuff out though... 

Well lets see if this idea takes root, might be usefull to some people to have a more centralized thread. Reason i didnt turn it into a general flysky thread is that i see the gt2 as a different enough platform to merit it's own thread and it seems to that Jang's original thread is performing that role quite nicely... (also i just dont have one:P)

Where to buy GT3B
HobbyHot http://www.hobbyhot.com/Fly-Sky-FS-GT3B-3ch-2.4GHz-LCD-Transmitter-Receiver.html
fast ship and friendly service.

no idea but quite a lot complaints from rcgroups


HOW TO: Reprogram the GT3B Radio

PSX Firmware Generator

Custom Firmware
Version 0.1.0

Version 0.2.0

New Firmware Help-


Service Menu

Insight of the GT3B

Reptile's GT3B Bearing Mod

Useful links!


FireFrenzy's Tutorial on Reprogramming the GT3B

STM8S Mod from 305

losikid67 Reprogramming Kit

losikid67 3pos Switch Adaptor

People Offering Reprogramming Services
QuangVuong - $5 per radio. An extra $5 for a bearing mod. Plus postage both ways.

Smoedog -$5 per radio + shipping

Jefferson City, Missouri
bugman72 - $10 + shipping for the reflashing service, $5 + shipping for the bearing mod

Chicago, Illinois
beemerfan - $10 + all shipping costs for reflashing
Fixitrod - $10 plus postage both ways

Portland Oregon (Pacific Northwest)
Robs Pics - $10 plus return shipping

Where To Buy the STM8S?
element 14-$15.71



UK Farnell-7.23 Pounds

Micro 4 You Studio-$16

Future Electronics-$8.55

Please PM me if you know any stores, which sell the STM8S board. Please send me a link of the item.

Please PM me with your area and price you are offering to reprogram the GT3B. I will be adding to this list.

If Ive missed your tutorial, or something useful, please PM me and Ill add you here. Sorry if I did miss you.

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