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Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to charge Flyermate li-polymer battery by using Computer Smart Charger?

How to charge li-polymer battery by using Computer Smart Charger?

Demonstration: RC POWER RC6, Imax Series Charger

Li-Polymer Battery Flyermate 14.8v 4500mAh 20C Broad AMP Cell Battery

Step1: Please connect the Flyermate Battery to the Charger exactly the picture shows.

Otherwise, the battery can not be charged.



Step2: Select "LIPO BALANCE" Mode, by selecting this mode, each cell of the Flyermate Li-Polymer Battery will be charged equally.


Step 3. Select the input charging Amp and Voltage.

It is recommended that to charge the battery by 1C.

That's is the input AMP depends on the mAh.

For Example, 4500mAh = 4.5A, 3000mAh = 3.0A.

DO NOT Input an input which is OVER the mAh/1000, otherwise, it will damaged the battery and over load.  If the selected input A value is much lower than the supposed mAh/1000, the charging time would be longer.


Next, select the number of cell to be charged.


Step 4. Press the Select button for about 3 seconds in order to confirm and start the charging!!


Step 5. This picture showing the normal display while charging.

Li4S = Charging a Li-polymer 4 cells

3.2A = Input Amp which is lower than the Selected Input Amp at the earlier charging stage.

15.77v = Input Voltage. When the Flyermate Li-Polymer Battery full, the voltage value will go to 16.8v (4.2v x 4cells).

BAL = Balance Mode

000:29 = Time used for charging, it depends on the Input Amp setting and the mAh Capacity of the battery. No relationship with the Voltage.

00024 = Charged Capacity. Please allow 5% deviation of mAh.

That's mean, the normal range of mAh for the 4500mAh would be 4275 to 4725mAh

The charged mAh mainly depends on the Selected Input Amp:

Over 1C charging (Fast Charge) --> Short Charging time, but low charged mAh., shorten the life of the Li-Polymer Battery in case you fast charge the battery frequently.

Below 1C charging (Slow Charge, 2A in the case of 4500mAh) ---> Lower Charging time, but higher charged mAh.



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